Your care team at the birthing home is a dedicated group of women working together to respond to your needs during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and early parenting.  We are also here to offer counseling regarding preconception.  The birthing home staff includes highly qualified professionals who are experts in optimizing your health and your baby’s health through pregnancy, experts in natural birthing, experts in family bonding and natural postpartum care.

Carmela Pedicini

Carmela Pedicini, LPN, ICEA

Carmela Pedicini, LPN, ICEA has been providing Independent Childbirth Education to Florida’s families for over a decade. Carmela will be the first person most of you will meet when you visit Rosemary. She has been a part of Rosemary Birthing Home since its very beginning. Carmela conducts orientations, teaches childbirth ed, she is a staff nurse. Carmela is a home visiting lactation counselor. She does infant metabolic screenings and hearing screening in home. She has assisted with hundreds of births, from simple to complex, in families’ homes, in birth centers and in hospitals throughout Southwest Florida. A nurse, lactation counselor, doula and birth assistant, Carmela has developed an evidence-based and unique curriculum, collaborating with midwives, doctors and most importantly, patients, to offer pregnant families exactly the information they need and are looking for. Carmela endorses family-centered maternity care, regardless of insurance, socioeconomic status, education, culture or parenting style.“My teaching methods always reflect my passionate belief in women’s ability to give birth, and to experience the process of birth as a natural and healthy part of their lives.” Carmela has two grown children, Sarah and Michael. She is a singer and guitarist for Passerine and Radio-Free Carmela and the Transmitters.

Meet Your Midwives


Harmony Miller, LM, CPM

Harmony Miller, LM, CPM is a licensed midwife and owner of Rosemary Birthing Home since 2006. She sits on the Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Board for the Healthy Start Coalition of Sarasota County. Harmony attended The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. Harmony spends her off time with her two boys Rio and Cairo, both born at home in the water.She strives to feed her family a healthy mostly organic diet. She enjoys attending communication seminars, practicing Vipassana meditation, and spending time in nature. “Birth is my passion. I truly love what I do. I feel honored to be invited to participate in the greatest miracle of childbirth. I enjoy watching families support one another. I love seeing a woman do more than she ever thought possible and be born as a mother.”

Anne Hirsch LM, CPM

Anne Hirsch LM, CPM is a licensed midwife. She studied midwifery at The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery, At 22 years of age I was invited to be present at a home birth. A deep peace stayed with me for days afterwards. At that birth, I decided I wanted to be a midwife. I used midwifery care for the pregnancy/birth of my own daughter a few years later and when my daughter was seventeen, I found my way into midwifery school in Florida. For the last 15 years, I’ve been a midwife guiding women through natural birth both at home and in birth centers. Along the way, additional training in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Yoga and Infant Massage has enriched my ability to care for women.

Stacey Walden LM, CPM

Stacey Walden LM, CPMis a licensed midwife and clinical director at Rosemary Birthing Home. Stacey lives in a charming historic home in Gainesville, FL with her two young daughters. Stacey comes with experience working in three different birth centers in Juneau, AK, Gainesville, and Naples, FL. She has also been a staff midwife in an intimate home birth practice in Davis, CA. She worked at The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery as the Clinical Director and instructor for 10 years while her children were young. Stacey has been a Licensed Midwife since 1999, starting her career early, at the age of 21.

Her two daughters are ages 8 and 9. They enjoy swimming, kayaking, camping, music festivals, roller blading, yoga, and all things art. A year and a half ago she returned to her life as an on-call midwife after focusing on parenting and her job at the midwifery school.d the incredible staff at Rosemary Birthing Home.

Heidi Whichel

Heidi Whichel Business and Billing Administrator

Heidi Whichel (Business Administrator) is a doula, birth assistant, wife and mother of three. Her decision to have her second child at Rosemary Birthing Home has impacted so profoundly that she has changed her professional path. Heidi loves to assist other women in having similarly empowering experiences and believes strongly in the wisdom of the human body. Heidi and her husband Chuck have three children, Grace, Jack and Colt.

Danielle Lorraine

Birth Assistant

Danielle Lorraine (Birth Assistant) Danielle is a birth assistant and a friendly face you may see in our front office. She is mother of two, both born at home under the care of Rosemary Birthing Home. She is the owner of Gulf Coast Placenta Lady, a placenta encapsulation service.


Jordan Stockley
Student Midwife

Jordan Stockley Jordan is a student midwife from The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. We are grateful to have Jordan gaining her clinical experience with us until her graduation. Jordan is also a licensed massage therapist specializing in pregnancy massage. She offers home visits. Jordan has a business offering placenta encapsulation services as well.



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