Here at Rosemary Birthing Home, we welcome a great many babies into the water. The water provides a pain-relieving, buoyant, calming environment for a mother’s body, and is the gentlest transition from womb to world for baby. If you choose to give birth at Rosemary Birthing Home, we have a birth tub available for your use. At home, we can recommend several birthing pools for you to choose from and have ready when you go into labor. In either setting, the water is available for your use if you so desire.

Here are two waterbirths we have been fortunate enough to capture on video:

WELCOME BABY MATTHEW from The Cinematic Moment on Vimeo.

The safety and efficacy of waterbirth has been proven repeatedly. Click here for a complete list of FAQ’s about waterbirth from our friends at Waterbirth International.

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