Welcome to Rosemary Birthing Home, a comfortable homelike birth setting where you and your family can enjoy an enriching personalized and safe childbirth experience.  You will have a private room for giving birth, where you can “make yourself at home,” wear your own clothing, take a warm bath, and have nourishment when you feel hungry.  Our staff will work with you on a plan of care which meets your individual needs and desires and empowers you in your own care.

The National Association of Childbearing Centers explains the birthing center as “a program that gives you confidence in your ability to give birth…balancing the human touch and technology.  It is a program of education for pregnancy, birth, labor support, baby care, and much more.  Most of all a Birth Center program gives you the time that you deserve…time to listen to and answer your questions about pregnancy, birth, baby care, nutrition, women’s health…time to stay with you throughout labor and birth…time to help you, your new baby, and your family get off to the best possible start.”

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