At Rosemary Birthing Home, your care does not end with the birth of your baby. We are here to support your journey into parenthood, breastfeeding and beyond, with personal support and an introduction to an amazing community.

Within the first 24 – 48 hours after the birth, the midwife will see mother and baby for follow-up care at your home.  We will evaluate you and your baby and offer support as needed. At three to five days postpartum, you will be seen by the lactation counselor. A hearing screen and metabolic screen (PKU) are offered at this visit. We will ensure that your breastfeeding relationship is off to a healthy start, and that all of your questions are answered.

At two weeks and six weeks postpartum you will see one of the midwives for a visit at the center to make sure all is well and plan for your future health care and birth control or family planning needs.  As always please prepare your questions and concerns so that you may talk to the midwife on your visits or call us if necessary. The midwives are available to you as needed for appointments during the six weeks of postpartum.  Breastfeeding support groups and classes are available locally.  If this is your first time breastfeeding, you are strongly urged to attend the La Leche League breastfeeding support meetings before you give birth. Breastfeeding support is also offered as part of our childbirth education program, included in every client’s care plan.

Finally, our community has many support groups, classes and educational programs available for new mothers, including the Sarasota Postpartum Support Group, the ABC Baby and Me weekly playgroup, and the Sarasota Babywearing Group. Please visit our home page often for a current schedule of these free and supportive meetups at Rosemary Birthing Home. The physical and emotional health of our families is our paramount goal.

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